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Translating Christianities

Call for Papers: Colloquium: University of Stirling, 7 December 2015

Translating Christianities

Little work has been done to date on critical approaches to the dominant discourses of postcolonial Western Society, shaped by a colonial heritage which is frequently described as Christian. Therefore this colloquium focuses on issues of translation and particularly the translation of texts, practices and concepts identified as Christian, from one language and (sub)culture into another, reflecting an interest in translation both in its linguistic and in its socio-cultural sense. Colleagues are invited to present work which can comprise a varied range of discourse types and styles, such as written texts, dramatic and ritual performances, visual representations and oral traditions. The principal objective is to discuss multiple perspectives and methodological approaches (religious studies, history, languages studies & linguistics, anthropology, literary and gender studies, translation studies) in addressing the issue of how cultural contents such as religious canons, beliefs and/or practices found in mainstream, dominant or elite sectors of society both change and are changed in the process of translation into minority, marginalised or subaltern con(-)texts.


Expression of interest and preliminary title: 15 September 2015

Abstract (of ca. 150 words): 30 October 2015

Confirmation: 6 November 2015

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