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October 2012 ‘A Hotel in the Holy Land’ Michael Marten on BBC radio

Dr Michael Marten has been interviewed by Caitlin Smith for a BBC documentary, picking up on his research on Scottish missions in Palestine.

The presenter is Angus Roxburgh. The programme examines the hotel in Tiberias owned and run by the Church of Scotland, critically addressing current Church policies in the light of historical circumstances. The conversion from a guest house to a luxury hotel has long been a controversial issue in the wider Church, as this 2004 BBC article indicates.

‘A Hotel in the Holy Land’ is to be broadcast on Wednesday 31.10.12 at 11:00 on Radio 4.

We will post an iPlayer link if we become aware of one.

August 2012 ‘What is the point of… universities?’ Andrew Hass on BBC radio

Dr Andrew Hass was recently interviewed for BBC Radio 4’s ‘What is the point of…’ programme, looking at universities. The programme was first broadcast on 15.8.12, and is also available on the BBC website (this link may not work if you are not in the UK).

His blog entries on the nature of the university initially drew the programme makers’ attention to Dr Hass’ views: What is a University for? and The Role of the University Amplified.